First Semester

MPA 503: Public Sector Human Resource Management

This course provides the fundamental concepts, terminologies and technical basics involved in public sector human resource management so that students can deal effectively with human issues that arise in the workplace.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Basics of Public Sector Human Resource Management (HRM) (LH 10)
  • Concept, principles, and functions of HRM
  • Evolution of HRM in the public sector
  • Strategic human resource management (SHRM)
Unit 2: Acquisition of Public Sector Human Resources (LH 10)
  • Human resource planning
  • Role and functions of recruitment agencies: recruitment, selection and placement; orientation and socialization
Unit 3: Development of Human Resources (LH 10)
  • Employee training
  • Management development
  • Career development
  • Human resources development practices
Unit 4: Retention Policy (LH 10)
  • Compensation and benefits including safety and health
  • Motivation, performance evaluation/appraisal
  • Code of ethics and discipline
  • Grievance handling, collective bargaining, retirement and dismissal
Unit 5: Emerging Trends and Challenges in Public Sector HRM (LH 8)
  • Managing diverse workforce
  • Emerging issues and challenges in working with human resources (quality of HRM and quality of HRM policies and practices)


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