Fourth Semester Public Policy

PP 662: Public Policy Analysis-II

The objective of this course is to orient students about the political analysis, policy instruments and policy network theory that will enable to analyze policy issues to develop policy considering a broad perspective.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Issues to the Study of Public Policy Analysis    (LH 8)
  • Informing and appraising public policy
  • Re-framing public policy  
Unit 2: Power Models and the Policy Process LH12
  • Political power, elitism, pluralism, corporatism, Marxism, professionalism and technocracy
  • Relationships between power, authority and legitimacy    
Unit 3: Policy Development          (LH 8)
  • Participants and goals
  • Problems and solutions (tools): political feasibility and explaining policy development              
Unit 4: Implementation of Sectoral Policy        (LH 12)
  • Health policy
  • Education policy
  • Social welfare policy
  • Energy policy
  • Economic policy
  • Foreign policy    
Unit 5: Case study/ Field Report  (LH 8)
  • Case study/ field report on planning and implementation of a development policy


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