Fourth Semester

MPA 516: Research Methods in Public Administration

The aim of this course is to provide students with detail knowledge on research methods in public administration so as to make the students able to write a thesis by choosing appropriate research designs, methods, techniques, tools and procedures for both the qualitative and quantitative studies.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Basic Concepts        (LH 12)
  • Nature of social and behavioral sciences
  • Concept, types and process of social research
  • Research problem and hypothesis
  • Sources of data (primary and secondary)
  • Variables and their relationships
  • Measurement and scaling; reliability and validity of measuring instruments
  • Ethics and value judgment in social research
Unit 2: Literature Review (LH 8)
  • Concept, process and purpose of literature review
  • Citation systems: APA and others
Unit 3: Sampling and Research Designs (LH 10)
  • Sampling: basic concept
  • Probability and non-probability sampling methods and their techniques
  • Research designs: concept, purpose and quality of research designs
  • Types of research designs: quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods and experimental designs
Unit 4: Data Collection Methods (LH 10)
  • Survey method: questionnaire construction and structured interview
  • Unstructured interviews, observation, content analysis, and document study
  • Participatory approaches: RRA and PRA
Unit 5: Data Analysis and Report Writing         (LH 8)
  • Data processing: editing, coding and tabulation
  • Use of computer software for data analysis
  • Data presentation, interpretation and generalization
  • Structure and process of writing a thesis
  • Qualities of a good research proposal and report


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