Third Semester

MPA 511: Public Policy-II

The objective of this course is to provide knowledge about the conceptual base and practice relating to policy process, actors, institutions and policy delivery analysis. The course intends to impart analytical knowledge, principles and techniques underlying policy delivery analysis and policy learning dynamics.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Policy Process, Actors and Institutions             (LH 12)
  • Policy problems, issues and agenda, agenda setting
  • Role of governmental and non-governmental actors and policy perspective
  • Factors affecting policy-making  
Unit 2: Analytical Approaches to Decision Problem    (LH 10)
  • Concept of operations research (OR)
  • Operations research techniques: linear programming, scheduling, inventory method, simulation method, PERT, CPM, (concepts and use in policy decision making)          
Unit 3: Policy Implementation     (LH 10)
  • Concept of policy implementation
  • Approaches to policy implementation: top-down, bottom-up and hybrid perspectives and policy action      
Unit 4: Policy Monitoring and Evaluation         (LH 10)
  • Concept of monitoring and its approaches
  • Concept of evaluation and its criteria
  • Types of evaluation
  • Constraints on evaluation
Unit 5: Policy Impact and Change           (LH 6)
  • Concept and dimensions of policy impact
  • Issues relating to policy impact
  • Policy transfer and lesson-drawing: concept and forms; actors, objects and degrees
  • Issues and barriers          


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