First Semester

MPA 505: Local Self-governance

The aim of this course is to familiarize the students with the theories and practices of local government system and its contemporary issues in governance dynamism so that the students will be able to bear responsibilities as activists, managers and promoters of local government system in general and particularly in Nepal.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Concept of Local Government and Local Governance (LH 12)
  • Evolution of local government and its changing perspectives
  • Features of local governments, federalism and local governments
  • Classification of local governments: basis of classification of local governments, changing roles and responsibilities of local governments
  • Need and importance of local governments, central- local relationship
Unit 2: Local Planning and Resource Mapping (LH 10)
  • Local planning process, resource planning, participatory planning with reference to local government
  • Private and NGOs participation, rural-urban partnership in planning and development, planning and community empowerment
  • Constraints on public private partnership (PPP) in local development in Nepal
Unit 3: Human Resource Management (HRM) System in Local Governments (LH 8)
  • Concept and process of HRM at local government level
  • Existing practices of HRM system in local governments
  • Issues, challenges and future perspectives in HRM system at local government level in Nepal
Unit 4: Financial System in Local Governments and Partnership (LH 10)
  • Concept of local finance and bases of finance in local governments
  • Sources of local finance
  • Concept of fiscal federalism
  • Roles and responsibilities of revenue sharing committee
Unit 5: Authority of Local Government in Nepal (LH 8)
  • Constitutional rights of local governments in Nepal
  • Judicial authority of local governments
  • Local Mediation Committee: their roles and responsibilities in Nepal
  • Contemporary issues in local governments


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