First Semester

MPA 502: Development Management-I

The objective of this course is to provide a broad knowledge of theories and dimensions of development management and make students able to analyze the issues related to development management.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to Development Management (LH 12)
  • Development: concept, nature, philosophy and dimensions of development
  • Growth with redistributive justice
  • Emergence and overview of development administration
  • Concept of development management
Unit 2: Comparative Public Administration (LH 14)
  • Genesis of comparative public administration (CPA)
  • Models and approaches of CPA: bureaucratic model, ecological model, structural-functional model, agraria-industria and fused-prismatic-diffracted model; prismatic sala model
  • Concept of endogenous and exogenous development
Unit 3: Institution Building (LH 6)
  • Concept of organization and institution
  • Institution building and its model
Unit 4: Capabilities of a State and Bottom up Approaches to Development (LH 8)
  • Concept of nation building and state building
  • Decentralization
  • People’s participation
  • Public private partnership (PPP)
Unit 5: Social Change and Planning for Development (LH 8)
  • Social change: concept, factors and process
  • Resource bases and resource mobilization
  • Concept of development planning (Macro, meso & micro-planning)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of development plan in Nepal


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