Fourth Semester Human Resource Management

HRM 642: Human Resource Development

The objective of this course is to make student aware of the concepts, techniques and practices of human resource development. This course is intended to make students capable of applying the principles and techniques as professionals for developing human resources in an organization. At the end of the course, the students are able to identify the implications and consequences of HRD efforts in organizations.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to Human Resource Development (HRD)         (LH 10)
  • Concept of HRD
  • HRD structure and functions
  • Roles and competencies of HRD professionals
  • Challenges to HRD professionals
Unit 2: HRD Process           (LH 10)
  • Assessing need for HRD
  • Implementing HRD programs
  • Evaluating effectiveness of HRD programs
  • HRD audit
Unit 3: Development, Utilization and Maintenance of Human Resources             (LH 12)
  • Building a strategy of HRD (steps and processes)
  • Utilization and maintenance of HR in the economic development of underdeveloped countries
  • Training and development of HR in changing technology
  • Human resource information system.
Unit 4: Problems of Human Resource in Public Sector           (LH 10)
  • HRD problems at macro and micro level
  • Problems related to labor force distribution and migration
  • Problems related to acquisition of skilled labor in rural areas
  • Issues related to foreign jobs & work safety
Unit 5: HRD Applications and Trends     (LH 6)
  • Career management and development
  • Integrating HRD with technology


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