Fourth Semester Human Resource Management

HRM 641: Comparative Personnel Administration of SAARC Country

The objective of this course is to acquaint students on administrative and civil service system of SAARC countries. Eventually, they can learn the policies, programs and practices of SAARC countries.

Course Contents

Unit 1: Comparative Administrative System in SAARC Countries     (LH 8)
  • Overview of administrative system in SAARC countries
  • Central government: structure, roles and functions
Unit 2: Overview of Sub-national Level Administration in SAARC Countries            (LH 10)          
  • State/province level administration
  • Local administration
Unit 3: Human Resource Development in SAARC Countries  (LH 6)
  • Training and development
Unit 4: Comparative Civil Service System in SAARC Countries           LH 16 
  • Brief overview of the civil service system
  • Selection of civil servants: testing and selection procedures
  • Compensation, benefits, and retirement benefits
  • Placement and transfer
  • Career development and promotion system
  • Civil service ethics and code of conduct
  • Professional neutrality
  • Role of recruiting agency, e.g. the Public Service Commission
Unit 5: Administrative and Civil Service Reform Initiatives in SAARC Countries (LH 8)
  • Administrative culture of civil service
  • Administrative reform initiatives
  • Issues and challenges of administrative system


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